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FACT: Competition for admission to selective schools is as stiff as ever. Even a slight edge can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection.

FACT: As a general rule, the better the reputation of the school a student attends, the more opportunities will be available after graduation and the higher the student's earnings will be. During the course of a person's entire career, that can translate into millions of dollars.

FACT: The benefits of admissions coaching are as universally recognized as they are in the realm of sports. The same way that the test scores of students who engage in test preparation are significantly higher than the scores of those who don't, students who receive quality admissions coaching are almost certain to get superior results.

CollegeSolutionsUSA offers a comprehensive set of highly customized and affordable services (on an à la carte basis) for success-oriented students, including:

  • Strategic planning (as early as freshman year)
  • Application strategies (short-, mid- & longer term)
  • Course selection & extra-curricular activity design
  • Performance monitoring & academic guidance
  • Study skills & test-taking enhancement
  • Help with personal statements & application essays
  • Assistance with teacher relations & letters of reference
  • Special counseling for international/ESL students
The earlier a high school student begins coaching, the greater the chances for success. A student who begins as a freshman will be much better positioned by the senior year than the student who comes for help in the junior or senior year.

Other elite admissions coaching services require package-deal commitments in the thousands and tens of thousands, with consulting, when available, at as much as $500 per hour. The consultants there are often not Ivy League grads themselves and almost never Harvard graduates.

At CollegeSolutionsUSA, students are personally coached and assisted by the director, a Harvard graduate and Ph.D., a former college teacher, with a successful track record going back more than 25 years. This combination of expertise and affordability is not available anywhere else.

Also not available anywhere else is the option for assistance with college funding, to help pay for college without going broke, on a tax-favored basis. The typical family approaches college funding in all the wrong ways, making costly mistakes that can jeopardize the parents' retirement.

The best way to get into a good school is to be coached by someone who himself got into a good school and has helped many others do the same.

Only highly rated CollegeSolutionsUSA offers you this unique combination of expertise and affordability. If you want the very best for yourself or your college-bound student, you are invited to email us now (

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An applicant's results can be improved dramatically with expert assistance from a highly experienced admissions coach. It would not be an exaggeration to say that over the years, many near miracles have been performed. As scores of satisfied clients would attest, it's amazing what can be accomplished when expertise and experience are intelligently applied.




Pay for College
Without Going Broke

The typical family approaches college funding in all the wrong ways, making costly mistakes that can needlessly jeopardize the parents' retirement. CollegeSolutionsUSA is unique among coaching services in that it not only helps students gain admission to good schools but also offers families little-known yet highly effective college funding solutions, to then help them pay for college without going broke.










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